How HeroWork Works

HeroWork believes there are four factors that create successful Radical Renovation events.  These factors, which correspond to our values and beliefs, are:


People want to see a visible and radical change over a short period, a change that ripples into the community. A HeroWork Radical Renovation accomplishes this. Plus, the refreshed building continues to impact the community for years to come, creating a legacy of change.


Radical Renovations are designed to give participants a memorable experience they were proud to be part of.  The Renovation is embedded into a community event for this reason. Some components include:

  • The 'march onto the site' and opening community block party starts things off with a bang;
  • Condensed timeframes keep excitement high;
  • All volunteers and leaders stop work for lunch and dinner, which is catered by hotels and restaurants;
  • There is often live music; and
  • The Big Reveal is streamed live onto monitors on the street for all participants to see and hear.


People want to feel connected to those around them, which is why they get involved in a community project. For this reason, HeroWork maintains a culture of inclusion and connection. We foster exceptional cooperation among the various trades and volunteer groups.



HeroWork works to ensure that every detail of a Radical Renovation is organized and scheduled properly so that all the participants are clear on their roles. This allows for everyone to have a fun overall experience. We also develop excellent leadership cohesion through diverse organizations and trades coming together seamlessly for a single cause.

From the Rainbow Kitchen Radical Renovation.

HeroWork Outcomes


  • Refurbished and sustainable building that is safe, more efficient, and meets current building codes;
  • The recipient is more able to deliver their mandate through improved workflow, decreased utilities costs, lower ongoing maintenance costs, and potentially expanded delivery of services;
  • Increased public awareness of the recipient’s purpose and mission;
  • The successful mobilization of community;
  • Deepened support of community-oriented companies and organizations.


  • Increased sense of pride and engagement for clients, staff and volunteers working in the improved space;
  • Renewed sense of belonging and community for participants;
  • Increased leadership capacity in community;
  • Highlighted showcase of local role models;
  • Increased surrounding property values.