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Trevor Botkin

Trevor Botkin (aka. T-Bot) is no stranger to volunteerism or giving back to community. With a long history of supporting various charities such as Habitat for Humanity, HeroWork and others – it made perfect sense for him to accept an invitation to take on the full-time Trade Manager role with HeroWork in 2018. Four years later, Trevor is now the General Manager and oversees all of HeroWork Victoria’s undertakings.

In addition to an energetic and contagiously enthusiastic personality, Trevor brings with him more than 25 years of construction experience both as a Red Seal carpenter and superintendent.  In 2022, Trevor was honored to be named a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary Club of Victoria, and an Honorary Citizen of Victoria B.C. These acknowledgments were presented to him not only for his service through HeroWork, but also for sharing his lived experience and recovery from addiction through a variety of community and construction industry initiatives.

“My dream was always to find a job that leveraged my leadership experience and trade skills to make a difference in the community, a job where my energy and enthusiasm would be an asset. To that end, HeroWork and myself are a perfect match!”


Megan Atkins-Baker

Megan comes from a journalism background and loves to learn about people and what it means to be human in a complex world. This comes first through understanding, empathy and listening carefully to each unique life story, she believes. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta where she attended Mount Royal University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and marketing. 


Prior to joining the HeroWork team, Megan has worked as a reporter as well as in the non-profit realm as a communications expert. An impactful time in her career was when she worked for the United Way of Calgary and Area where she had the opportunity to share her personal experience with domestic violence through public speaking engagements to raise awareness of its prevalence in the community, across Canada and globally. 


Megan is especially passionate about writing, photography, video work and philanthropic fundraising. She maintains a deep curiosity about the world with a belief that the root of all change will come from recognizing that we are more similar to one another than we are different. 


Kate Markham-Zantvoort

Kate brings to HeroWork her 30 years of experience in the landscape and construction industry. Her experience spans all aspects of landscape construction and working in landscape architecture as a lead project designer. Kate loves the process of bringing a design to life and thereby getting to have a hand in making her community a better place to live. When not at work Kate can be found out in her kayak or curled up in a sunbeam with a good book and a strong cup of coffee.
"I love what HeroWork does for the local community and I feel that this will be my legacy. At HeroWork, if I start a day feeling run-down or frazzled, I always finish the day happy, fulfilled, and full of excitement for what the next day brings."

Selena Roberts

Selena believes that the richness of life comes from diverse experiences, building strong relationships and supporting each other. She has found working as a mentor and coach to be fulfilling and balance out the fast-paced, high pressure project management side of work.

Selena brings extensive project and people strengths to the Project Manager role and she is excited to become a more active and contributing member of the Victoria Community.

When not working, Selena can be found spending time with her family, in their garden or walking their dog along the fantastic Victoria trails.

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