Are You a Registered or Past Volunteer?

Follow these steps to choose shifts. Read them all before starting.

  • Fill in your name and email in the form. Ensure you use the same email as last time (otherwise you won't be recognized).
  • Go to your inbox (or junk box). You will have an email with a link to your personal volunteer page. As a registered volunteer this is already set up for you.
  • On your personal page, click the tab “volunteer calendar.”
  • Click a shift on the date(s) you’d like. Sign up and click "done."
  • This triggers another automatic email with a link to a volunteer orientation package. Please review this package as it contains important information such as parking, safety, addresses, clothing required, etc.

If you have challenges signing in, shoot a quick email, including your phone number, to To watch a video tutorial on the whole volunteer process, click here.

Are You a New or Unregistered Volunteer?

Complete the form below.

Please pay extra attention to the skills you input. They will help us determine the best ways to communication with you. For your convenience, we've created a short screen capture video on the process.

When you click "Submit," you will receive an automatic email with a link that will give you direct access to your Personal Volunteer Web Page.  (If you don't see it, check you spam folder.) From your Volunteer Page you can see our up-coming schedule, sign up for available volunteer shifts, update you skills, cancel shifts, and more.

If you are a trade we will also reach out to you personally to configure your shift(s).

If you have challenges, shoot us quick note to, including your phone number.

Sign Up Video Tutorial

This tutorial video plays inside a light-box. To watch it on YouTube click this link.


Q: How is volunteering for HeroWork different?

How are we different?

We design HeroWork events to provide a memorable experience for all participants. Highly organized, they are the epitome of community cooperations, where dozens of companies and hundreds of people work together in common vission to renew a charity building in short order.

Our volunteer opportunities are most often connected to our Radical Renovation events. This means that as we ramp up to our events, there are many opportunities, but when we are in between events there are far fewer.

Volunteers who assist in between events are people like engineers, designers, architects, trade leads, and event management team leaders, who help coordinate and design various elements of the renovation and community event.

More about this in the FAQ "What is the difference in the role categories?"

It was a privilege to work with this group of amazing people. I look forward to the next project.

Q: How does WCB work? Does HeroWork have insurance?

HeroWork Insurance Explained

Volunteer are not covered by the Workman’s Compensation Board (WCB). For this reason HeroWork maintains Volunteer Insurance with income replacement.

This coverage is similar to WCB coverage, but for unpaid volunteers.  Our policy currently covers up to $1,000 for Weekly Accident Indemnity.  This means that if a volunteer has other “earnings” (wages, salary, self-employed), gets hurt while being a volunteer for HeroWork, and is therefore unable to work/earn as a result, this policy would pay up to $1,000 a week.  The calculation is based on a maximum claim of 85% of that person’s normal weekly earnings, with that 85% total coverage being from all available sources. In other words, if the volunteer has other available insurance coverage, such as an accident policy, that other policy or policies would come first, and the HeroWork policy would come after other coverage to make up the difference to total benefits of 85% of normal weekly earnings, but to a maximum of $1,000 a week or up to 52 weeks.

If you would like to see our Certificate of Insurance, you can view/download it here.

It was a privilege to work with this group of amazing people. I look forward to the next project.

Q: What is the difference between role categories: trade, general, creative, and leadership?

Role Categories Defined

There are two basic areas to a HeroWork Radical Reno: the renovation element (obvious) and the event management element. Event management are all the elements that are outside of the renovation, such as food service, site maintenance, photographers, volunteer check-in and liaison, entertainment, etc. In short, event management is what turns our renovations into a amazing community events.

Our volunteer roles are broken down into four key areas:

  • Trade Roles: These are all of the professional trades that volunteer for our events. These people either currently or have made a living at their trade.
  • General Help Roles: These are all the non-trade roles, whether they are part of the renovation or not. Examples include: non-pro carpentry, non-pro landscape, food service, general volunteer, etc.
  • Creative Roles: With every event we bring in creatives who help to document and add vibe. Examples include writers to document the story, musicians to play during meal service, videographers, etc.
  • Leadership Roles: Whether on the event management side or the renovation side, all components need leaders to first help design and organize, and then manage groups of volunteers. These people work with HeroWork staff weeks and sometime months in advance of a Radical Renovation. As such they are some of our most valuable volunteers.

For separate definitions on each specific role, please see the last three FAQ's.

It was a privilege to work with this group of amazing people. I look forward to the next project.

Q: How do the buttons work when selecting volunteer roles?

How do you select shifts?

Select as many roles as you are interested in and qualified for. For example, if you are not a professional carpenter, you should select "non-pro carpenter" under General Help Roles. By choosing appropriate roles you will help us reach out to you in an efficient manner, i.e. we won't reach out to non-trades about trade roles and visa-versa.

To select a role, simply double-click the role. This will transfer the role from the left column to the right column. Alternatively, you can select a role and then click the > arrow, which will shift the role from the right to the left column.

If you make a mistake you, follow the reverse procedure to shift a role from the right column to the left column.

It was a privilege to work with this group of amazing people. I look forward to the next project.

Q: Can you define each "general help" volunteer role?

General Help Roles Defined

What is admin? Tasks include updating databases and inventories, drafting and finalizing documents, assisting with mail-outs, taking minutes, updating files.

What is a ceremonies volunteer? Tasks include cleaning, sweeping, moving fencing, crowd control, setting up site, erecting small tents, road closure attendant, etc., related to Opening or Closing ceremonies.

What is a Check-In? Greeting new arrivals, checking them in with proper forms and releases, providing t-shirts, colour-coded name tags, and introducing volunteers to the Volunteer Liaisons.  End of day procedures include check-out and providing volunteers with a survey to complete.

What is food services? Tasks include setting up for meal service, serving food, bussing, recycling, washing dishes, cleaning, replenishing drinks, etc.

What is furniture refinishing? Tasks include sanding, staining, stripping, cleaning, and preparing furniture.

What is a general volunteer? Tasks include setting up tables and chairs, cleaning, sweeping, sanding, furniture refinishing, moving fencing, parking attendant, general labour, pedestrian management, washing dishes, garbage removal, etc. Should have at least moderate strength.

What is a labourer? Tasks could include setting up the job site, loading and moving materials.  Should be of moderate strength.

What is a non-pro carpentry? This role does not require you to be ticketed professional contractor, but you should have some renovation skills.  Perhaps you have completed renovation projects in your house, like a deck or a roof, etc.

What is no-pro landscape? Tasks include digging, wheelbarrowing, planting, trimming, transplanting, etc.  Should be at least of moderate strength.

What is a non-pro painting? You are not a professional painter but have painting experience either at work or home.  You could also be asked to get the site ready for painting and may be assisting professional painters.

What is pedestrian/traffic control? Tasks include monitoring access to the site and assisting volunteers to follow the pre-identified pedestrian pathway, providing driveway control when vehicles are moving on/off site, directing volunteers to the appropriate entrance, and answering questions about where to park, drop off tools and make deliveries.

What is refinishing and art? Tasks range from furniture refinishing, stripping, sanding, art projects, painting, cleaning, etc.

What is a strong labourer? Tasks include moving and organizing renovation materials and supplies for the renovation including lumber, rental equipment, helping with logistics and generally organizing the site prior to the start of the renovation.  Should be high strength.

What is Volunteer Liaison? Ensure that every volunteer, new to the work site, receives a safety and site orientation prior to escorting them to the designated work area for their Task Hazard Assessment.

It was a privilege to work with this group of amazing people. I look forward to the next project.

Q: Can you define each "creative" volunteer role?

Creative Volunteer Roles Defined

What is media relations? You will have a solid network of contacts in the local media industry including print, radio and television.  You will work with the media in a variety of ways including writing/releasing press releases, print, radio and television, as appropriate.

What is musician? A professional or talented musician who volunteers to perform during a meal service or special event.

What is photographer? This is a role for professional or talented amateur photographer who whose images will tell the compelling story of HeroWork and the Radical Renovation.  Their images will chronicle renovations and special events from beginning to end.

What is social media? The goal of this role is to create compelling content that users will share on their social media networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or websites).  You must be savvy about all forms of media platforms and understand what it takes to create content that creates a buzz.

What is a graphic artist? A graphic designer who volunteers to assemble images, typography or motion graphics to create a piece of design for published, printed or electronic media (i.e., brochures, posters and pamphlets, webs).

What is a videographer/editor? A professional or talented amateur videographer and/or editor who volunteers to help produce various lengths videos on HeroWork Radical Renovations and other special events.

What is a writer/storyteller/blogger? A person who is a skilled writer/editor who produces quality articles. A wide range of story buckets are available connected to HeroWork, our partner charities, our events, and sponsors.

It was a privilege to work with this group of amazing people. I look forward to the next project.

Q: Can you define each volunteer "leadership" role??

Volunteer Leadership Roles Defined

In a Radical Renovation there are many teams that make it possible. There are two main kinds of Volunteer Leader Roles: Renovation and Event Management.

The Renovation Leaders coordinate and lead many of the renovation elements, while the Event Management Leaders coordinate everything else--such as food service, site control, entertainment, Check-In, Liaison--which is what turns a renovation into a community event.

Roles Include:

Area Coordinators: This leader is part of the reno team and helps to lead non-trade volunteers within a specific area such as landscaping.

Ceremonies Coordinator: Part of Event Management, these leaders first helps to design the opening and/or closing ceremonies and then leads volunteer teams to carry it out. Element of design and coordination include: entertainment, decor, volunteer groups, AV equipment, stage, speakers, etc.

Check-In Coordinator: Part of Event Management, these leaders are experience and trained in HeroWork specific check-in protocols and help to both train and lead the rest of the Check-In Team for a Radical Renovation.

Food Services Coordinator: Every lunch and dinner volunteers are served food.Part of Event Management, these leaders help to coordinate the food set up, service, clean up, and break down.

Landscape Coordinator: Part of the reno team, these leaders are professional landscapers who help to design, coordinate, schedule the landscape component of the renovation. Then during the event they help to lead teams of volunteers to complete tasks.

Lead Project Manager

Liaison Coordintor

Safety Coordinator

Site Coordinator


Trade Leads

It was a privilege to work with this group of amazing people. I look forward to the next project.