An over $200K renovation completed June 14, 2015!

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Who are they?

Through their volunteer counselling services, the Citizens' Counselling Centre provides counselling for adults who would otherwise not be able to afford it. In 2014 they had 115 volunteers provide 9000 hours of counselling to 1200 clients. Thirty percent of these are youth between 18 and 29.

The root of homelessness and poverty is often psychological and emotional damage. People feel isolated and alone. They have never been given the tools to make their lives better. They haven't been listened to with a compassionate and educated ear. The Citizens' Counselling Centre is part of the solution to our societal ills, because they tackle the problems before they become unwelding. They are there for those on the precipice of despair, grief, and anxiety. They facilitate people's empowerment during difficult times and thereby help bring them back into themselves and into their lives in ways that ripple out positive change through our community.

Now and again we all need help. In 2015 the Citizens' Counselling Centre needed our help to make their building worthy of the work they do. They had been in their 50 year old building for 25 years and now it required a total refresh.

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