Spring 2019 Project:

Completed: Our Place's Therapeutic Recovery Community

Join the HeroWork community and help renovate an old youth detention facility into a place of healing and transformation.

The Issue

Homelessness, addiction, incarceration and marginalization: these problems represent a repeating complex and interconnected pattern that causes too much suffering in our community. A long term, innovative, and multi-faceted solution is needed.

Our Place has come up with a solution.

They have developed a Therapeutic Recovery Community. It’s been modelled from an Italian community called San Patrignano that reports a 72% full-recovery rate for thousands residents who complete their program.

Using a “Community as Model” approach, this program will house men for up to two years, engendering healing and self-empowerment so that they can return to society and lead productive lives.

The Project

Our Place’s Therapeutic Recovery Community had already opened at an old youth detention facility on Talcott Road in View Royal. They were ramping up to 50% capacity, which is the limit the facility could handle.

HeroWork wanted to help get them to 100%!

This meant transforming areas of this former jail into an environment of healing, community, and transformation.


94 Talcott Road in View Royal.

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Our 2019 Partners

Without these people & companies we wouldn't be able to organize and complete our 2019 Radical Renovations. Thank you to each of them!

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Community Collaboration was Key

Phase 1

The TRC represented a collaboration of many different groups. Our Place had the vision and expertise. Private partners and several government agencies provided support, including $4.7 million by Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions for operations and $310K from BC Housing for Phase 1 renovations as well as a $1/year lease.

These resources had Phase 1 of the TRC operational (Building B, A, and parts of F, below). 

Phase 2 - HeroWork

This phase represented another BIG collaboration. A private donor revamped the courtyard into a beautiful healing landscape. At the same time, HeroWork mobilized our community (over 100 companies and hundreds of volunteers) to renew the detention  facility into a home for 50 men. This meant that in Building C we redid 25 two-person suites, as well as upgrading the flooring, electrical, plumbing, storage rooms. We built a library, redid the common areas and much more.  We also doubled the size of the dining room, relocated the art area, built an outdoor pavilion and infrastructure required for food production. The list goes on.

Basic Renovation Elements Map - Phase 2

HeroWork Testimonials

Great crew, organization, and atmosphere.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I love being on Facebook and photo duty. Share the love and community spirit!

Past HeroWork Volunteer

Great to see all the amazing effort that's gone into this transformation and kudos to everyone who stepped in to help others.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I am very moved by the whole experience & being part of an enthusiastic community effort.

Past HeroWork Volunteer