2020 Project:

Completed: The Y's Young Moms Program at the Kiwanis Family Centre

Single moms and their young kids now have the housing & help they need.

The Program

The Y’s Young Moms Program at the Kiwanis Young Family Centre offers safe, affordable and supported housing opportunities for single mothers aged 16-29 with children up to the age of 5. With full time staff providing a variety of programs for the residents and community, Y-Young Moms Program creates the foundation that young single mothers facing many personal challenges can build a stable new beginning for themselves and their little ones upon. 

The programs include:

  • Counselling
  • Parenting Support
  • Education and pre-employment training
  • Community and parenting resource referrals
  • Advocacy
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Activity groups for parents, children and youth
  • Weekly young parent drop-ins

The Project

Like many local charity spaces, Kiwanis Young Family Centre was overdue for a massive renovation. We completed much needed upgrades and increased capacity to offer support to more young moms long into the future.

The transformation of Kiwanis Young Family Centre included:

  • Design and construction of two brand-new 2-bedroom basement suites. This increased Young Moms’ occupancy by 20%.
  • Re-furbished and refreshed of the 8 existing suites.
  • Designed and built a better family free store.
  • Designed and constructed a nature playground.
  • Re-designed front landscape & maximized parking for staff and residents.
  • Repaired and upgraded a long laundry list of worn and weathered details around the building.

What Did it Look Like Before?

See the initial walkthrough of the Kiwanis Family Centre.

Finished Project Slide Show

  • New Entrance

    Gone is the old rotten gate and overgrown hedge. Now there is a beautifully crafted cedar fence and heart motif entrance.
  • New Counselling Centre

    Moms who have been trauma impacted need a quiet and beautiful space to talk about tough topics. This will do the job nicely.
  • New Suite Living and Kitchen

    This is the second of two brand new suite that replace an old storage units.
  • Beautiful New Kitchen

    New modern kitchen were installed in both new suites, making the place something to be proud of.
  • Refreshed Existing Suite

    Looks new, but it's not. This is one of eight existing kitchens and suites that were renewed.
  • New Bathrooms

    Nothing says, "Welcome home!" like a beautiful new bathroom.
  • Exterior Painting

    Much of the outside of the building was re-painted, included every door.
  • Nature Playground

    From a patch of grass to a learning and fun environment for little children. Definitely puts a smile on your face.

See the Virtual Project Reveal

See the amazing results of our Radical Renovation for the Kiwanis Victoria Young Family Centre and the Y's Young Moms Program. Since the people most affected by this project are young moms and their little children, we thought, what better way to celebrate than by getting the "Little Yellow Guy" puppet to be the emcee. Fun!

Our 2020 Partners

Without these people & companies we wouldn't be able to organize and complete our 2020 Radical Renovations. Thank you to each of them!

Acknowledge Them

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About YMCW/YWCA of Van Isl

About the YMCA/YWCA of Van Isl

Since 1875, the Vancouver Island Y has been supporting healthy individuals building strong communities, as a continuing member of both the YMCA and YWCA federations.

In addition to the Young Mom’s program at Kiwanis House, we operate another housing initiative for youth at risk with Victoria Cool Aid Society on Pandora Street, and a variety of programs broadly categorized under community health, youth learning & leadership development or outdoor activities. With approximately 24,000 members, the Y currently has 3 health & fitness facilities with licenced childcare centres, a 1200 acre wilderness experience at Camp Thunderbird, and we remotely deliver initiatives across the Island including Y-Mind supporting mental wellness for youth, and the annual Power of Being a Girl event.

The Vancouver Island Y builds strong communities by improving the health, fitness and well-being of individuals and families. We nurture the potential of youth, promote equality and provide opportunities for giving back.

About Kiwanis Club of Victoria

About Kiwanis Club of Victoria

Since Jan. 20, 1919, the Kiwanis Club of Victoria has had a host of projects over the years benefiting youth, families, and seniors. For example, the Young Mom’s Program operates out of Kiwanis House, a home for young moms escaping addiction and abuse; this is a great partnership between Victoria Kiwanis and the YMCA-YWCA. (A centennial year highlight for the club will be renovating Kiwanis House to allow two more families to receive services, through a partnership with HeroWork.)

We also have the Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter – Greater Victoria’s only youth shelter – which is operated through a partnership with the Youth Empowerment Society. Our support for youth includes youth leadership programs at the high school and university levels, a student recognition program that has been held annually since 1974, and the student crossing guard program that has been in local schools since 1936. We also provide low income housing to hundreds of families and seniors and much more.

HeroWork Testimonials

Great crew, organization, and atmosphere.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I love being on Facebook and photo duty. Share the love and community spirit!

Past HeroWork Volunteer

Great to see all the amazing effort that's gone into this transformation and kudos to everyone who stepped in to help others.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I am very moved by the whole experience & being part of an enthusiastic community effort.

Past HeroWork Volunteer