3 Weekend $350K Radical Renovation of a 4-Plex for Threshold Housing and At-Risk Youth

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The Story

It started with an elderly anonymous donor who gifted a 4-plex apartment worth nearly $700K to the Threshold Housing Society. She knew the desperate need for transitional housing for at-risk youth—youth who are two steps away from being on the street. Threshold Housing must turn away 80% of the youth referred to them. At any one time there are 600 youth in need of housing but only a few spaces. The youth of Threshold want to lift themselves up. They want to get their lives on track.

The only challenge was that the building was over 65 years old and needed extensive renovations to be truly safe and sustainable.

Knowing they needed help, the executive director of Threshold, Mark Muldoon, called HeroWork creator, Paul Latour.

Paul listened to their story. He cared and wanted to help, but at that moment he wasn’t looking for a new project. “The time is too short,” he said. “There just isn’t enough time.”

But then the Bosa Properties Foundation stepped in and granted HeroWork with it’s first every grant so that Paul could focus his full time attention on the project. With this he started calling the HeroWork team—contractors, mothers, business owners, suppliers, ext.—and together they embarked on another miraculous journey of community.

Watch this TV broadcast 4-part video series. Be amazed. Be inspired. And experience the power of compassion.