Oct 13 - Nov 4, 2018

COMPLETED: Dignity Market & Office Rebuild


The Mustard Seed

Project Overview

There were two elements to this project:

  1. The Dignity Market. Through their food hamper program the Mustard Seed was serving over 5,000 people a month. HeroWork transformed this space into a “Dignity Market,” a shopping experience that returns the dignity of choice to vulnerable people and families who come for food. This new program now uses shopping helpers who build relationships and trust with clients, providing food information, referring services, and helps to implement transformational change.
  2. Office Rebuild. The Mustard Seed’s continuum of care reaches far beyond the Food Bank, however. To keep providing their services and growing their impact, they needed more office spaces that are properly designed and efficient. Staff were crammed into below standard conditions, reducing morale and team health. HeroWork expanded the upper floor of their building and transformed their offices into efficient and beautiful spaces.

By transforming their warehouse into a Dignity Market and expanding office space, the Mustard Seed’s capacity and facilities has been improved and will affect thousands of people every month for years to come.

Approximate fair market retail value: $650,000

People Impacted

In the end, the work we do is all for the people impacted. A Radical Renovation ripples out change on many levels: through the people and companies who participate in our events, the partner charity’s staff and volunteers gain better working conditions and lower operating costs. The surrounding neighbourhood benefits from better infrastructure. But the biggest impact of all is the vulnerable people who are served.

HeroWork Sponsors: 100

HeroWork Volunteers: 508 (6,032 hours)

People fed by food bank every month: 5000

Mustard Seed Staff Affected by New Offices: 19


Watch what 500 volunteers and 100 companies can do in 4 short weeks. Fast-paced and inspired!

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Our 2018 Partners

Without these people & companies we wouldn't be able to organize and complete our 2018 Radical Renovations. Thank you to each of them!

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Basic Renovation Details

Dignity market
Former warehouse will be professionally redesigned to provide an inviting interior atmosphere
New energy-efficient freezers and coolers
Display structures
New walls and ceiling
New lighting
New and upgraded plumbing
New electrical wiring

Dignity market entrance
Re-designed to be welcoming, yet control access

Office to right of dignity market
Adapted to allow for appointments for dignity market

Reinforced seismic upgrading
Redesigned racking and shelving

Second Floor

New Offices
Three new offices to be built over dignity warehouse
Emphasis on openness and lighting – potential skylights
New cabinets

Old offices upgrade
Walls opened up with glass to hallways
Re-painted and decorated
Replace Flooring
New furniture

New staff room
Open concept with glass walls
Kitchenette with new sinks, fridge, stove, dishwasher
Drop ceiling
New furniture

Upstairs office hallways
Replace flooring

Upgrade plumbing in dignity warehouse
Install new plumbing in second floor staff room

HVAC / Ventilation
Upgrade air exchange and air replacement systems
Relocate and re-duct heating units for second floor and dignity warehouse

Upgrade of existing 3 phase 400 amp service
Subpanels for new 3 phase freezer units (most energy efficient)
Wiring of dignity market and new offices
Upgrade of fire code running man signs, emergency lighting

Every Donation Helps Rebuild Another Charity

Infrastructure Matters

HeroWork always has new projects on the go. Charities need renovations to make their buildings and spaces good so that they can deliver their mandates. Only Herowork can renovate buildings quickly and efficiently at a fraction of traditional costs.

Community Matters

Using a model akin to a modern-day barn raising, HeroWork inspired community participation, leaving stronger networks and more reliant neighbourhoods.

All Donations Go to Project Supplies

Here is an approximate percentage breakdown of where your donation will be spent across a typical project: 82% renovation materials, 2% renovation labour, 4% professional fees, 4% design supplies, 0% design labour, 2% event supplies, 0% hospitality labour, 1% printing, 4% permits, 1% general costs.

These estimations are based on HeroWork’s historical experience of past projects and may not correspond directly to a specific project. Grants and seed money from recipient organizations cover our operations costs, so 100% of your donation will go to rebuilding charity spaces.


HeroWork Testimonials

Great crew, organization, and atmosphere.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I love being on Facebook and photo duty. Share the love and community spirit!

Past HeroWork Volunteer

Great to see all the amazing effort that's gone into this transformation and kudos to everyone who stepped in to help others.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I am very moved by the whole experience & being part of an enthusiastic community effort.

Past HeroWork Volunteer