2017 Completed Summer Project

Power To Be is a non-profit that believes everyone belongs in nature. They empower people to explore their limitless ability through inclusive adventures rooted in nature, such as camping, kayaking, hiking, paddle-boarding, and more.

Never before have they had a home, until in 2016, the Steele family offered the use of the former Prospect Lake Golf Course.

The HeroWork Society was brought in to help transform the site into an inclusive recreational hub for Power To Be’s participants. From July 8th - 16th HeroWork brought together 40 coordinators, more than 300 volunteers, and 46 companies to build and renew the needed infrastructure.

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Completed Project Elements in Detail


Ten teams from eight companies completed all eight of these structures in a single day. Companies include: RJC, Farmer, Oak Bay Marine Group, Harbour Towers Hotel and Suites, Capital City Design, BC Assessment, Kinetic, and Easy Installations. Now the participant from Power To Be can enjoy camping all year round!

Pathways, Roads & Landscaping

Over 100 HeroWork volunteers worked together to dig, build and grade the pathways and roadways, helped through excavation by Garden City as well as trucking and supply by Chew, Trio, and AllFun Aggregate. 400 meters of new roadways were build and 600 meters were graded and groomed so that people with accessibility barriers can access the various areas of the site.

Nature House

The old golf course snack shack was transformed into a Nature House, which will be used for cooking, storage, and educational programming, helping Power To Be participants both experience and understand their natural surroundings.

Kayak & Paddleboard Storage

This four tier storage unit will enable Power To Be to keep much of their kayaks and paddleboards near the waterfront for easy access for participants. Built by Lida Homes and Soare Contracting (with help from the military), this structure was built to last for many years to come.

Fire Pit Pavillion

This beautiful circular post and beam structure is nestled into the landscape and provides Power To Be with an educational and community-minded space that will help connect their participants to each other and to the nature that is all around them. Lead by MacDonald and Lawrence with logs supplied by TimberWest, this building is a legacy for decades to come.


Accessible bathrooms were a key element to this project. Led by Durwest Construction and many other contractors, we build two bathroom enclosures out of red cedar. Each are beautiful and fit perfectly within the environment.


HeroWork volunteers sanded and smoothed the dock that was originally installed by Fresh Water Fisheries of BC. We also build the riparian fence and groomed the pathways so the dock is accessible, allowing Power To Be to run their important water programming from this site.

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The Legacy

For decades the Steele family operated the 88-acre Prospect Lake Golf Course. After retiring the operation, they wanted to turn it into a community legacy. The Steele family recently leased the property to Power To Be for 25 years. The Victoria-based non-profit envisions it becoming a world-class nature-based recreational facility for children, youth and adults living with physical, mental, or financial barriers.

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Partnership With The Steele Family

The Steele family has owned the unique 88-acre property at the south end of Prospect Lake for more than 40 years. The family operated the former Prospect Lake Golf Course on the property until it closed permanently on November 30, 2015.  The family searched throughout 2015 to find the right steward for the land for the future, an organization that would respect the natural beauty of the land and operate programs to benefit the community-at-large. Power To Be was selected as an organization aligned with the family’s future vision and property objectives.

HeroWork Testimonials

More enjoyable and rewarding than expected. Looking forward to the next time.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

Keep doing the same - the community is stronger because of you.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work on an amazing project!

Past HeroWork Volunteer

Everyone was excellent to work with - an inspirational event I feel lucky to have shared!

Past HeroWork Volunteer