2017 Completed Fall Project
Anawim House

Anawim Companions Society is day house for people living in poverty and trying to find a new way of life.  Through their family model, they empower people by working with them not for them.

Now that the renovation is complete, the entire Anawim House program is lifted up and expanded.

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Completed Project Elements in Detail

New Building Extension for Art Therapy and Programming

Now affectionately called the “grand room,” this new space will both expand the art therapy programming and computer stations for Anawim, but also give them the space to have circle groups, yoga, presentations, movie nights, and more.

New Office Spaces

Before the renovation, Anawim House staff were crammed into a single downstairs room with office furniture that could have been found on the side of the road. Now they have proper work spaces, increasing their efficiency and their ability to work with their clients (or as they would kindly say, their family).

New Wellness Room

In the past Anawim had to do their foot care and hair care without any privacy. Now they have a dedicated space for both personal grooming and future healthcare services.

New Bike Shop

This new bike shop will enable Anawim’s fledging, Shifting Gears, bike program to take off. It is designed to teach people how to repair and maintain their bikes, and then give them to our city’s most poor. Transportation is key to gaining employment because to get a job you have to get to the job.

Shed Repairs

This small building was an eyesore as well as unsafe. The ramp was broken and rotten. Now the shed has a new roof, new stairs, and new paint.

Comprehensive Landscaping

The entire landscape was redesigned and rebuilt. It is now not only beautiful, but functional for all the people who drop in but also low maintenance. It includes perennial plantings, seating areas, hardscape and pathways, drip irrigation, and an interlocking stone patio with a custom memorial mosaic.

Exterior Painting and Repair

To have a home feel like home it needs to be well maintained. This building was a complex exterior painting job that required the repair (and in some cases the replacement) of siding and facia boards. The “blue house” is now back to its stunning blue once again!

Refreshed Counselling Rooms

People experiencing homelessness have had major trauma in their lives. This means that when they come to Anawim, it’s important to have private spaces for intimate conversations. These spaces are respectful, therapeutic, and appropriate.

Stairs Rebuild and Deck Repair

All three sets of stairs were replaced as well as a section of the deck. One section of railing was replaced on the main deck and the front deck had all of the railing replaced. Once the repairs were completed the entire deck was stained with a special traction stain.

Furniture Refinishing and New Cabinetry

Twice a day the people at Anawim share a meal around a huge kitchen table that seats 16. Now this table is beautiful and will withstand the wear and tear of time. Also, new cabinets were installed for extra workspace and storage off the food service area.

And More...

So many thing you can’t see were done to the building: electrical panels, proper lighting, sprinkler systems, plumbing under the floor… everything up to code and built to last!

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Every Donation Helps Rebuild Another Charity

Infrastructure Matters

HeroWork always has new project on the go. Charities need renovations to make their buildings and spaces good so that they can deliver their mandates. Only Herowork can renovate buildings quickly and efficiently at a fraction of traditional costs.

Community Matters

Using a model akin to a modern-day barn raising, HeroWork inspired community participation, leaving stronger networks and more reliant neighbourhoods.

People Matter

After a Radical Renovation vulnerable in our society are lifted up with a sense of connection, pride of place, and the knowledge that community came together to create a legacy of hope for them.


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Great crew, organization, and atmosphere.

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I love being on Facebook and photo duty. Share the love and community spirit!

Past HeroWork Volunteer

Great to see all the amazing effort that's gone into this transformation and kudos to everyone who stepped in to help others.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I am very moved by the whole experience & being part of an enthusiastic community effort.

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