Upcoming Radical Renovation: Power To Be

Spring/Summer 2023

Location: 4633 Prospect Lake Rd.

Power To Be

This incredible organization removes barriers for youth, families and adults living with cognitive, physical, financial, and social barriers that want to experience the outdoors. 

Programs offered in this beautiful Prospect Lake location redefine what inclusion and ability looks like. 

This project is HeroWork's second renovation with Power To Be, our first being in 2017.

Stay tuned for more details and for Power To Be volunteer opportunities May through June!

Renovation Details

With support of community, this transformation will focus on several opportunities to increase capacity for Power To Be staff and clients.

Elements include:

  • Multi-purpose learning building.
  • Adventure-inspired raw-timbre frame outdoor gathering space.
  • Increased capacity and programming.
  • Increased accessibility.

Ways to get involved with the renovation:

Our 2022 Partners

Without these people & companies we wouldn't be able to organize and complete our 2022 Radical Renovations. Thank you to each of them!

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HeroWork Testimonials

Great crew, organization, and atmosphere.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I love being on Facebook and photo duty. Share the love and community spirit!

Past HeroWork Volunteer

Great to see all the amazing effort that's gone into this transformation and kudos to everyone who stepped in to help others.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I am very moved by the whole experience & being part of an enthusiastic community effort.

Past HeroWork Volunteer